Firefox And Themes

For the last couple of weeks, hooked on to trying new themes for Firefox. I personally liked the Noia 2.0 theme. Very impressive, yet relatively light weight! Works like a jem on my Solaris desktop/laptop!

Still remember the days when Mozilla/Netscape used to come up with only two themes, Modern and Classic. Considerable improvement from that stage!

Weekend without work email

My office laptop has some hardware problems, so gave it for repair. Realized that I don’t have a fully configured system to connect to work in this kind of situation. What this means is no mail checks during weekend!

Using Latha’s laptop to stay connected with net on the personal front. First thing I did is to download the latest Firefox and install it, along with Java. Realized that I am so addicted to tabbed browsing, that I don’t want to use other web clients!

Finally, started with personal blogging!

Well, it took lot of time to start personal blogging, but finally managed to get everything in place. Have been blogging at the employer provided blog site, but a personal blog is always lucrative. So here I am, with my personal blog!

How did I do this?

  • Have a personal web site for quite some time, so web hosting is not a big issue.
  • Which blog tool to choose? Obviously, it has to be small and simple. I have limited webspace with my web hosting provider. Also, I have limited content and personal publishing needs, so there is no eager need for an elaborate, multi-user blog tool. At first, I thought of using phpBB and make it as a bulletin board instead, but finally wanted to stay with a blog tool. Did some googling on the best blog tools. Also looked at personal blogs of people I know, like Alec Muffet and Geoff Arnold. Based on what I have seen, WordPress appeared to be the right choice for what I need.
  • Spent about 30 minutes browsing WordPress site and learning what is involved
  • Spent about 15 minutes by installing and using WordPress on a dummy site I have and doing all the silly, experimental stuff there.
  • Then I used the Famous 5 Minute Install of word press for this very blog. Actually, it took lot less than that. May be 2-3 mintues till I configured for my first blog.

Well, thanks for visiting my blog! Keep coming back!