• Technology Leader
  • Hands-on guy
  • Believer of continuous learning
  • Some of my technology interests
    • Automation
    • DevOps
    • Systems Management
    • Security
    • *nix
    • Analytics


  • Improvise upon being a good son, husband, dad, relative and friend
  • Read, Learn, Listen


  • Share
  • Collaborate
  • Mentor
  • Teach & Train

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About Raju Alluri

Here is a brief writeup about myself

I am born and brought up in Coastal Andhra Pradesh, India. Currently a resident of Hyderabad city, I travel frequently to work with our clients. In the past, I worked with NetEnrich (for about 7 years), Sun (for about 12 years) and a couple of other companies. In the last couple of  decades, I had a chance to work with great minds in the industry and learned a lot from them. Most of my recent experience is in securely managing remote systems and architecture of systems/infrastructure management solutions that cover DevOps, Automation and Information Security. Personally, I am a big fan of open source technologies. I am a trained mentor and work with students and talent pools both in individual and one to many capacities.

What this site is all about

I like putting together my thoughts in the form of articles and posts. My website  contains my thoughts about both technical and non technical aspects of my life. I am a strong believer of freedom of expression. Having said that, I also believe that freedom of expression doesn’t mean unlimited freedom. I respect differing view points and believe that orthogonal view points bring out the best of the  topic and individuals involved in those viewpoints.

All opinions expressed on this site and my other public/social networking platforms are my personal view points and may not necessarily represent the views of my present or past employers. More over, the opinions expressed in quoted or linked articles are of the respective content writers’ and may or may not represent my personal views and/or opinions.

Raju Alluri